Concert Fête de la Musique, Hôtel de Ville à Annemasse le 21 juin 2023

Mercredi 21 juin 2023


Place De L'hôtel De Ville

Prix: Gratuit

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Take 2 brothers from their early age; Add a couple of friends, all addicted to energetic music; And mix them all together in the boiling caldron of the seventies...


From their early teenage years Michel and Gérard Mansis both rock music addicts, were devoured by an urge to write and play their own music. Living in the French Haute-Savoie region, just across the border from Geneva - Switzerland, they founded several bands, which earned them their first stripes.

The band moved into a Parisian music studio, then to New York at Pete Diorio's Sound Lab studios, Brooklyn, recorded an album and also wrote for other US artists, out of which some will be signed by Epic-CBS

After two years spent in New York, the brothers headed back to the Old Continent, with the strong intention to keep writing and playing the music they like. Soon upon their return, the two brothers met up with Alain Magnenat, an old school friend and Sam Bredy, a bass player also guitarist of the U2 tribute "Four Ever One" ...

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